Sapphire OG


19.9% THC

Pure Dakota

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Sapphire Og is the cross of OG genetics (specifically Florida OG) mixed with strong Afghani heritage. The result is a truly medicinal strain good for potential relief from a variety of ailments. A unique tasting strain with hints of flowers, earth and chocolate makes it heavily sought after by connoisseurs.

Sapphire produces very compact buds covered in vibrant orange hairs. The effects of the strain are very cerebral and long-lasting, so it may be an overwhelming choice for the novice patient. If you need a strain to really calm your state of mind, Sapphire is an excellent choice. You will be able to relax carefree, while slowly becoming couch-locked and sedated.

Patients have reported relief from everything from mood swings to insomnia. Sapphire has been known to help alleviate symptoms from chronic pain, eating disorders, and mental illnesses. The numbing aspects of this strain make it a good option for times when patients need to unwind and turn off their racing minds.

Flavors of chocolate, flowers, and nuts with an aroma of skunk and pine.

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