Purple Skunk


19.6% THC

Pure Dakota

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Purple Skunk is a strain built with the impressive genetics of Lavender (another one of our head growers personal favorites) combined with Gupta Kush.  This Indica rich strain has a beautiful purple appearance with dense and frosty nugs.  

The effects of Purple Skunk begin with euphoria and arousal followed by sedation, couch lock, and the urge to sleep.  This makes it a great option for evening use before bed.  Some people have experienced enhanced dreams, which are a result of the mentally stimulating aspects of the strain.  

Patients have reported relief from ailments such as pain, migraines, insomnia, and stress.  This is a potent strain that will not leave a patient focused or motivated, but may elevate their mood. The time of day is the key thing to remember, preferably use at night or times of low activity. 

Flavors of lavender and sweet herbs with an aroma of kush, skunk, and berry.

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