Alaskan Thunder

18.4% THC

Pure Dakota

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Alaskan Thunder (ATF) is a classic Sativa strain known for its clear and uplifting effects. Patients are able to stay focused and be productive while still experiencing the calming and carefree aspects of the strain. Expect an experience full of inspiration, happiness and motivation. Mood lifting characteristics may make Alaskan Thunder a great choice for patients seeking relief from depression, stress, and other mental illnesses.  

Alaskan Thunder produces a strong, euphoric and energizing head and mental effect, but still contains body characteristics to help with physical relaxation, pain relief, muscle/joint aches, and eating disorders. The mental clarity aspects of the strain may be helpful for patients with ADD/ADHD, PTSD, lethargy, and personality disorders. The energizing and uplifting characteristics may help induce deep introspective thought, social interactions, and may even act as an aphrodisiac. 

Alaskan Thunder is a great strain for everyday activities, and will give you the mental clarity and motivation to stay focused, problem solve, and complete your task.  The smoke is very enjoyable with an aroma similar to walking through a forest and a taste of piney and nutty fruit.

Flavors of menthol, nutty chocolate, and fruity banana with an earthy, pine, and skunk aroma.

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