How to Register to become a Medical Marijuana Patient in North Dakota:


  1. All application information can be found at the North Dakota Department of Health Services: Medical Marijuana Program page.

  1. Create an account and fill out the online application:

  1. Submit a $50 application fee after the online application. The fee must be paid by check or cashier’s check, and mailed in. Checks should be made payable to the NDDoH Medical Marijuana Program. Write the applicant’s ten-digit alphanumeric identification number (barcode number) in the “memo/for” line of the check (lower, left corner).

Mail payment to:

     NDDoH, Division of Medical Marijuana
     600 East Blvd Ave, Dept 301
     Bismarck, ND 58505

  1. Once an applicant has submitted their health care provider’s full name and work email address, the provider will be notified to complete the written certification for the applicant/patient. If approved, the patient will receive a registry identification card.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Before I start an application, what should I do?

A potential applicant should:

  • Discuss the Medical Marijuana Program with your health care provider.
  • Obtain your health care provider’s email address.
  • Review the application instructions and application video tutorial (found here).
  • Review the “create an account tutorial” and click on the “Sign In or Create an Account” button (found here).
  • Create an account and follow the instructions in the validation/verification email.
I created an account and never received a verification/validation email. What should I do?

Please be sure to check your spam/junk folder in your email account. Depending upon your email account settings, the email generated may not be in your inbox. You must validate your account before you can login and complete an application. If, after checking your spam/junk folder, you are unable to find the email, please call 328.1311.

I created an account; can I now complete an application?

Yes, as long as you have all your necessary information such as your health care provider’s email address, a recent photo and a copy or picture of your North Dakota identification to upload.

How do I complete an application?

Using the instructions and/or the video tutorial, applicants can enter the necessary information into the application. Applicants can partially complete information and save what has been entered. This will allow applicants to log back into their account and complete the necessary information later. All required information must be provided for an application to be reviewed.

I am unable to access the online application or need help in completing the application. What can I do?

Applicants can receive help in completing an application from a friend, family member, neighbor, etc. Since the application is online, assistance could be provided from an individual who is not in the same city as the applicant. Applicants should ensure a trusted individual is used to provide help as sensitive information is included on the application.

I hit submit application and realized I had an error that needs to be corrected. How can I make a correction to a submitted application?

Once an application has been submitted, an applicant will need to contact the Division of Medical Marijuana by email at or phone at 701.328.1311.

I submitted an application without my health care provider’s email address. Will I still be approved?

Applicants must submit their health care provider’s email address. A telephone number, a general facility email address, etc. will not be accepted and the application will not be complete.

I submitted an application and am wondering what the status of my application is. How do I review my status?

Applicants can log into their account to review the status of their application.

Have the photos submitted by applicants been considered sufficient?

Not in all cases. Applicants need to ensure the photo is taken with the applicant facing the camera directly with their full face in view. Several photos submitted to the Division of Medical Marijuana have been from a side of the applicant’s face. An insufficient photo will delay the processing of an application as an applicant will be contacted to submit a new photo.

My current health care provider has informed me they will not complete a written certification. Now what should I do?

The decision to complete a written certification is the decision of the health care provider. Qualifying patients need to determine what course of action to take, if any. Qualifying patients will need to determine what is in their best interests to obtain the amount of care they believe is necessary. State laws for the Medical Marijuana Program do not prohibit a qualifying patient from establishing care with a different health care provider.

Is there a mandated amount of time I need to be seeing my health care provider before the health care provider would be eligible to complete a written certification?

No. However, the requirements for a bona fide provider-patient relationship must be met (please see the bottom of the previous status update for more information on this relationship).

My current health care provider is willing to complete a written certification but does not want to give me their email address. What can I do?

Contact the Division of Medical Marijuana at 328.1311 with questions related to providing an email address or to discuss additional options to consider.

Is the health care provider name and email address going to be provided to others?

The health care provider’s name and email address are confidential.

A health care provider who will complete a written certification may be difficult to find. Is the Division of Medical Marijuana helping in this area?

The Division of Medical Marijuana has provided information to the medical community through a variety of means including conducting presentations at health care facilities, providing information at conferences/seminars, reaching out to professional organizations in the state, having information for health care providers on the Division’s website, and responding to emails and phone calls from the medical community. The Division will continue these outreach efforts.

In addition, dispensary personnel are also attempting to reach out to the medical community to provide beneficial information, discuss dispensing operations, and answer questions related to products and dosing. Ultimately, whether or not a health care provider is willing to complete a written certification is the decision of the health care provider.





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