Patients starting a medical marijuana regimen will need to discover the dosage that works best for them. This process is called Titration.

Titration simply means finding the right amount of cannabis that works for each person.

Under a healthcare professional’s supervision, a patient can slowly increase their cannabis consumption to

  • Identify an effective dose
  • Avoid unwanted side effects

When a patient begins to titrate, it is important that they start low and go slow.

It is also a good idea to select a specific product so that a patient is able to maintain consistency with their cannabis regimen.

Products that are high in THC should especially be titrated slowly, especially if the patient is new to medical marijuana.

Patients can keep track of the dosages and take notes to record onset time, duration, the effects felt, and whether or not it was a sufficient dose.

Ask your medical healthcare professional before starting a cannabis regimen.

Enjoy your medical marijuana responsibly and always consult a healthcare professional before consuming medical marijuana.

Watch the video below for titration. For more educational videos on other topics, click here.

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