What are Tinctures?

A Tincture is a liquid cannabinoid solution.

How Can You Consume Tinctures?

They are taken sublingually or put under the tongue. You can also put a drop of tincture in food or beverage.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Each DeliveryMmethod?

One advantage of sublingual delivery is quicker absorption. The Tincture bypasses the liver and is absorbed through the mucous membrane into the bloodstream.

Using tincture in food or beverages will subsidize the taste; however, this will result in slower absorption as the tincture will need to be digested.

Did You Know?

Tinctures were the original form of cannabis medicine before being banned in 1937.

Storing Your Tincture

Tinctures should be stored safely at room temperature in a dark place.

Enjoy your tincture responsibly and always consult a healthcare professional before consuming medical marijuana.

Watch the video below for tinctures. For more educational videos on other topics, click here.

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