First Time Marijuana Consumption

Ensure that your first-time consuming marijuana is a positive experience.

Here are some best practices you can do when trying medical marijuana for the first time.

Make Yourself Comfortable

Be in a safe, familiar place. Marijuana may alter your perception and it’s recommended to first try it in the comfort of your home.

Clear Your Schedule

Depending on the marijuana product you consume, it may cause varying and length of effect you’ll need time to experience it.

Invite an experienced friend

Ask someone you trust (registered patient/caregiver) to guide you through the process.

Have Some Snacks Ready

Marijuana may increase your appetite so have some food readily available.

Stay Hydrated

Marijuana may cause dry mouth. Keep some water or tea handy to keep you hydrated.

Start Low, Go Slow

Always start with a small amount of marijuana and wait before consuming more. Pending on the type of marijuana product you consume. It may take longer for you to feel the effects.

Do not mix with alcohol

Mixing marijuana and alcohol may enhance effects and cause an unpleasant experience.

Do not drive impaired

Marijuana may impair drivers and decreases reaction time. DO NOT DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE.

Always consult a healthcare professional before consuming medical marijuana.

Watch the video below on what to do if you are consuming medical marijuana for the first time. For more educational videos on other topics, click here.

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