What are Tinctures? A Tincture is a liquid cannabinoid solution. How Can You Consume Tinctures? They are taken sublingually or put under the tongue. You can also put a drop of tincture in food or beverage. What Are The Pros and Cons of Each DeliveryMmethod? One...

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Microdosing Medical Marijuana

Microdosing Medical Marijuana What is Microdosing? Microdosing is consuming small amounts of medical marijuana to enjoy the benefits without the potential negative side effects. Why You Should Be Microdosing Medical marijuana patients report that microdosing works as...

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First Time Marijuana Consumption

First Time Marijuana Consumption Ensure that your first-time consuming marijuana is a positive experience. Here are some best practices you can do when trying medical marijuana for the first time. Make Yourself Comfortable Be in...

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